ActCAD Professional CAD Software
  • Professional grade 2D & 3D CAD Software
  • Affordable price with all features, Perpetual global license with Self License Transfer
  • Professional Artisan 3D Rendering
  • Native DWG & DXF support from R2.5 to 2018
  • PDF Support: 3D PDF Export, 2D PDF Import & Export
  • Raster to Vector: Image to DXF converter
  • Over 5000 Blocks included. Add your own too
  • Express tools & Add-on features
  • Free & Prompt Technical Support
  • ActCAD compatible with Windows Vista, 7 & above

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Compatible with:      Windows Vista, 7 & above.

Best DWF Viewer

DWF is a design web format which allows you to view and print the files. DWF viewer is developed by IntelliCAD. It compresses highly rich files, who needs to view, edit or print.

DWFX file:

It is the advanced version of the DWF file format. The DWFx runs on XML platform, so we can view or print with XPS viewer and XPS viewer is a free programme which is distributed by windows operating system.


DWF and DWFX files are highly rich files to view or print over the internet. You can read the markups, plot, change your drawings, change markup status and republish to DWF or DWFX for further design.

DWFX files are larger than corresponding DWF file. We mostly use the DWFX file format to share the design data with viewers.

Features of DWF Viewer

Easy-to-Use Interface:

ActCAD DWF Composer is built on the same technology as ActCAD DWF Viewer, with the same easy-to-use interface offering real-time pan and zoom, layers, and access to object sheet properties.

Light Weight:

DWF viewer is alight weight and it opens highly rich designs. DWF Viewer is smaller and quicker and it is the interface you are familiar with.

Multi-sheet Navigator:

Spontaneously navigate sheet sets in the Sheet Set Navigator window. Select from list, bookmark, and markup views to browse a multi sheet sheet set faster and easily view and print on paper.

Hyperlink Support:

Jump between sheets and views when hyperlinks are used, to browse a website easily.

Sheet and Object Properties:

Lists sheet properties like sheet name, drawing author, and time-stamp. Object properties like door size, height, and materials. Markup properties which displays reviewer name, status, history, and notes.

Real-Time Pan and Zoom:

Use real-time pan and zoom with Pan Around™ mouse to easily navigate sheets.

Layer Control:

Turn layer visibility on or off to see only the design information you need.

Advantages of sharing DWF file:

Nowadays for many projects and for team members, DWF viewer is the first choice. DWF file enables industries, and organization to connect with typical designs, project, product and workflows without compromising the accuracy, security, and intent of the original drawing.

Characteristics of DWF Viewer:


DWF is a plotted file view of a DWG. DWF Viewer can contain entire projects of drawings, especially easy when using ActCAD software to publish a single drawing or sheet set of drawings.

The free ActCAD DWF viewer will automatically read all past Dwf files.


DWF Viewer can connect to engineers, industries, suppliers, buyers, architects, and subcontractors to recognize the project, product information.

In ActCAD DWF is a smaller, compressed native file compared to DWG files.

DWF files can be generated from ActCAD Products using ActCAD DWF viewer. this can be viewed by a single user.


DWF file is a read-only secure format.


DWF is an open file format.

ActCAD promotes the DWF specification and makes available C++ libraries for any developer who needs to develop the design in DWF file format.

DWF is based on other industry standards such as XML, ZIP\ZLIB, JPG\PNG.


DWF viewer increase efficiency, enhance communication, reduce costs, improved performance, view, markup and many.

It changes with your extended team and stakeholders, even if they don’t have the original design software. In ActCAD you can open and views high-resolution drawings, maps, and models.

It measures parts, areas, surfaces, and dimensions for more accurate communication. You can add comments, get information, and change back to original design software to complete the review cycle.

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ActCAD Professional Software

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Why Choose ActCAD..

ActCAD is based on IntelliCAD 8.4b and 3D ACIS Technology. ActCAD is a commercial member of IntelliCAD. All technologies used in ActCAD software are 100% genuine and legal.

ActCAD comes with a Block Library with over 5000 symbols in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Architectural, Structural and other domains. Double click any symbol and insert into your drawing.

ActCAD offers Full LifeTime Validity after purchasing the ActCAD CAD Software License. There is no need of renewal. ActCAD wil not offer any renewal packs.

You can open any PDF file directly and edit the entities. ActCAD will convert the file to DXF at same location of original pdf and with same name.

ActCAD is easy to learn and use. ActCAD incorporates a user interface, commands, icons and shortcuts similar to that used by the most popular CAD programs.

ActCAD Value Propositions

Features 100%
Block Libraries100%
DWG & DXF from R2 to 2018100%
Free Technical Support100%
Self-License Transfer100%
Life Time Validity100%

ActCAD Software Advantages

Perpetual License

ActCAD ™ is available at very low price with permanent validity of licenses. No need to pay annual subscriptions. Upgrade to future version is optional. Try, Believe & Buy only if satisfied.

Many Add-on Features

ActCAD ™ has many add-on features like LH Sections creation, Units converter, Drawings Auditor, Batch file converter, Attributes extractor, Block Library with over 5000 symbols etc.

Artisan Renderer

ActCAD ™ is now available with Artisan Professional Rendering package at no extra cost. Photo-realistic rendering, 360° viewing, lights, materials etc. available in Artisan Renderer.

Free Technical Support

ActCAD offers free technical support to all its users, no need to buy any Support packs. Submit support tickets directly from ActCAD or on Support Page. Queries will be replied same or next working day.

Self License Transfer

ActCAD allows License Transfer from one computer to another using simple command over Internet. There is no limit on number of transfers and number of computers. One license can be floated between multiple computers.

API Customization

ActCAD users can develop their custom programs to work inside ActCAD using .NET, SDS, LISP, DCL and C++ languages. API kit comes with many sample programs and solutions. Free support not applicable on Customization tools.