ActCAD Professional CAD Software
  • Professional grade 2D & 3D CAD Software
  • Affordable price with all features, Perpetual global license with Self License Transfer
  • Professional Artisan 3D Rendering
  • Native DWG & DXF support from R2.5 to 2018
  • PDF Support: 3D PDF Export, 2D PDF Import & Export
  • Raster to Vector: Image to DXF converter
  • Over 5000 Blocks included. Add your own too
  • Express tools & Add-on features
  • Free & Prompt Technical Support
  • ActCAD compatible with Windows Vista, 7 & above

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Compatible with:      Windows Vista, 7 & above.

Best CAD Software

Computer Aided Design or CAD Software is widely used in engineering-based industries like manufacturing and designing. In olden days sketchpad is used for CAD designing.

Companies, industries, and developers started using the best and familiar CAD software for designing 2D and 3D designs.

Some of the best CAD software throughout the world are ActCAD, AutoCAD, ProgeCAD etc. which are mostly used by design engineers in present days.


After all, When engineers are searching for best CAD software in the world then ActCAD software came into existence with a familiar interface, best 2D & 3D drafting, more than 5000+ block libraries and rendering.

ActCAD is a member product for very well known IntelliCAD. IntelliCAD is a non-profit organization developing core CAD engine based on Open Design Alliance (ODA).

What is the best CAD Software in features?

Best CAD software ActCAD have advanced features like:

1. ActCAD (PDF to DWG) converter
2. ActCAD DWG/DXF/DGN converter
3. Arc aligned text
4. Table creation& editing
5. Capturing CAD points to CSV
6. Creating P&ID label text
7. Units converter
8. Changing number to text
9. Importing point cloud data
10. Export table to CSV
11. Supports many file formats like DXF, DWG, DWF, DAE, DWT, DGN, PDF, Word, Excel, BMP, JPEG, PNG etc.

Which best CAD software supports file formats:

ActCAD having the familiar interface is easy to learn and use. It incorporates commands and shortcuts for designers to use efficiently. The help option is useful to learn the things from ActCAD software.

Which best CAD software creates tables:

In ActCAD you can create and edit tables. You can import an external CSV to table and export table data to CSV file. You can insert, edit, Change, merge cells and delete the table. The user can change the background color also.

Which best CAD software have PDF entities:

PDF Edit:

In ActCAD you can import pdf file to you cad software without losing your entities and original data. It converts the PDF file to DXF at the same location and with the original name.

Then open the file in ActCAD software and then you can edit and change. After that, you can save your files to different formats. In ActCAD there is a best 3D model based on the ACIS kernel for better compatibility.


The best CAD software have the Check Updates option in Add-on menu. ActCAD has the good technical team to develop the new updates for the end user.

You can download and install the new update from the add-on menu. ActCAD releases different updates within a short period. So the designers can get better and smooth performance for designing.

Ribbon Interface:

In ActCAD you have the modern Ribbon Interface to find the commands on ribbon with a mouse click. We can semantically organize each command group. In ActCAD interface can easily modified by CUI file.

Which best CAD software have Explorer:

ActCAD is used to explore layers, dimension styles, text styles, blocks, line-types at one place. You can drag and drop those files from explorer to inserting new items, editing and deleting.

PDF Underlay:

ActCAD is the best CAD software for PDF underlay. In this, you can insert PDF files into the current drawing. You can select the file to insert in the drawing.

After inserting the pdf file you can change the x, y and z directions. Rotation is also possible for an inserted file. The another method to insert as underlay is DGN.

DWF Underlay:

DWF underlay is a design format which easily communicates the drawings with others. You can attach them to drawing using DWF underlay option. It will associate with same original files.


In ActCAD you customize your software by using AUTO-LISP, DCPL, .NET (VB/VC++), SDS & COM automation. A developer toolkit is available for download.

Break line Command:

ActCAD has the Break line command with block support. You can give break line commands in your drawing with a standard symbol or any customized symbol.

Solid Feature

ActCAD is the best CAD software in 3D designing. You have a Poly solid feature. It creates continues the 3D poly solid line. You can select a design and sweep it along A LINE, ARC, CIRCLE or POLYLINE.

Color book

In ActCAD you can find almost 562 RGB colors defined it to apply for your design in a colorful manner. You can apply those colors to you lines, design, 3Dprofile, hatch, solid works etc.

Auto Complete commands

The Best CAD software ActCAD have the Auto Complete of Commands. It is very useful to the designers for fast execution.

Select the commands from there. If you don’t want you can disable the autocomplete command from the menu.


Technology has become a miracle for designing the best CAD software design for design engineers.

Our ActCAD software is a perfect platform for 2D drafting & 3D modeling which meant for engineers because it is lightweight software and very professional computer-aided design for multi threading concept.

ActCAD software is used by experienced engineers and bridges the gap between capability and price.

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ActCAD Professional Software

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Why Choose ActCAD..

ActCAD is based on IntelliCAD 8.4b and 3D ACIS Technology. ActCAD is a commercial member of IntelliCAD. All technologies used in ActCAD software are 100% genuine and legal.

ActCAD comes with a Block Library with over 5000 symbols in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Architectural, Structural and other domains. Double click any symbol and insert into your drawing.

ActCAD offers Full LifeTime Validity after purchasing the ActCAD CAD Software License. There is no need of renewal. ActCAD wil not offer any renewal packs.

You can open any PDF file directly and edit the entities. ActCAD will convert the file to DXF at same location of original pdf and with same name.

ActCAD is easy to learn and use. ActCAD incorporates a user interface, commands, icons and shortcuts similar to that used by the most popular CAD programs.

ActCAD Value Propositions

Features 100%
Block Libraries100%
DWG & DXF from R2 to 2018100%
Free Technical Support100%
Self-License Transfer100%
Life Time Validity100%

ActCAD Software Advantages

Perpetual License

ActCAD ™ is available at very low price with permanent validity of licenses. No need to pay annual subscriptions. Upgrade to future version is optional. Try, Believe & Buy only if satisfied.

Many Add-on Features

ActCAD ™ has many add-on features like LH Sections creation, Units converter, Drawings Auditor, Batch file converter, Attributes extractor, Block Library with over 5000 symbols etc.

Artisan Renderer

ActCAD ™ is now available with Artisan Professional Rendering package at no extra cost. Photo-realistic rendering, 360° viewing, lights, materials etc. available in Artisan Renderer.

Free Technical Support

ActCAD offers free technical support to all its users, no need to buy any Support packs. Submit support tickets directly from ActCAD or on Support Page. Queries will be replied same or next working day.

Self License Transfer

ActCAD allows License Transfer from one computer to another using simple command over Internet. There is no limit on number of transfers and number of computers. One license can be floated between multiple computers.

API Customization

ActCAD users can develop their custom programs to work inside ActCAD using .NET, SDS, LISP, DCL and C++ languages. API kit comes with many sample programs and solutions. Free support not applicable on Customization tools.